Pakistan Golf Federation

Pakistan Golf Federation was mandated to promote and develop the game of Golf in Pakistan. To coordinate and manage the affairs of all the golfers of Pakistan belonging to and registered with the member Organizations and Golf Clubs, which would include male as well as female players of both amateur as well as professional status.Golf is the only game in which Pakistan literally started from scratch. The game was introduced and patronized in the Sub-Continent by the British. After partition a big void was created and the game might have been extinct in Pakistan had it not had been for a few die-hards golfers who made enormous effort to keep the game alive.

Sindh Golf Association

Sindh Golf Association was established to develop and encourage the game of Golf in Sindh. Its goal was to manage and look after the affairs of all the golfers that were registered and associated with the member Golf clubs and organizations. These golfers included both male and female players of professional as well as amateur level. Golf is one of the oldest royal games. It was introduced and promoted in the Sub-Continent by the British. After the division of Sub-Continent a gap might have been created and the game would have gone extinct in Pakistan but some dedicated golfers made huge efforts to save this game. The most notable among them were Mr. Rashid D. Habib of Karachi Golf Club, Mr. Tajuddin Saimi of Pakistan Western Railways Club, and Maj. Mohsin Ali in then East Pakistan. Till 1958 centre of golfing activity were two golf clubs in Lahore namely the Lahore gymkhana and the Pakistan Western Railways Club and beside these the Tea Estate Golf Clubs in East Pakistan.

Punjab Golf Federation

The Royal Palm Golf and Country Club (RPGCC) is a golf course and social club complex in Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in Lahore. It was previously owned by the Pakistan Railways and called the Pakistan Railways Golf Club. In 2001, the club was sold by Pakistan Railways to the current management and renamed as the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. It is a national and international sports venue. As of 2013 memberships were the equivalent of $8,000. In 2004, a large group of Bollywood personalities from India, including Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and Sajid Khan, were hosted at an event at the club during their visit to Lahore.

Federal Golf Association

The Islamabad Golf Club, a signature course in the capital was founded in 1967 to become a prominent entity. The main 18 hole championship course is beautifully laid out and has hosted many national and international tournaments. Due to heavy traffic on the main course an additional 9holes were added & inaugurated in 2011. Over the past 40 years IGC has evolved as a defining clubbing experience, making it the premier Golf Club of Pakistan. IGC offers golfing challenges and sporting excellence in the heart of the capital's centre. It is an exquisite and tranquil environment to tee-off, relax & unwind.

KPK Golf Federation

The Peshawar Golf Course is a large golf course in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is located in Peshawar. Built during the colonial days of British Raj by officers of the British garrison, the golf course is now operated by the Pakistan Air Force. It has a total of 18 holes and is part of the Frontier Golf Association. The course is frequented by elite members. The golf course is situated close to a number of notable city landmarks, including the Bala Hissar Fort and the Khyber Pass. The Peshawar International Airport and Lady Reading Hospital are also nearby, while the five-star Pearl Continental Hotel, local WAPDA headquarters, Army Stadium and the Veterinary Research Institute and Hospital are all adjacent. Across the golf complex is the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Peshawar High Court.