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Boating Water Sports in Pakistan

With the highest serene lakes in the south, the Arabian Sea in the south, Pakistan has vast expanse of water bodies bordering its land. Additionally, there are towering mountains in the country that are origin point of the innumerable big and small rivers and streams. Some of the major rivers running through the length and breadth of the country include Indus, Ravi, Sutluj, Jehlum, and Biass.

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Swimming offers you more of a refreshing round in water, snorkeling and diving offer you a glimpse of the colourful magical marine world in varying degree. There is surfing where you need to catch a good wave and then ride down the face of it while staying just ahead of its breaking part. In sharp contrast are rowing and kayaking wherein you just need to enjoy the beauty of the water and the feeling on being in midst of it while moving it with the help of oars or kayaks.

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The rivers of Pakistan, spread like a net through its length and breadth. Right from the heights of the Karakorams, the Himalayas and the Hindukush, Pakistan's rivers change its courses and flows until they all meet the mighty Indus, at different points, which ultimately falls into the Arabian Sea.

  • Indus (from Jaglot to Thakot)
  • Kunhar (from Naran to Kaghan)
  • Swat (from Bahrain to Saidu Sharif)
  • Panjkora (from Dir to Batkhela)
  • Hunza (from Aliabad to Gilgit)