Central Karakoram National Park Leisure territory of ecstasy and elation

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"The terrain of Landscapes" Gilgit Baltistan which is ornamented with the series of mountains, meadows and the great marvels of beauty whereas among these miracles of magnificence glory, there is a Central Karakoram National Park surrounded by the huge glaciers as Baltoro, Biafo , Panmah and Hispar glaciers. Basically the biggest national park in Pakistan, Central Karakoram National Park is located in Skardu District in Gilgit Baltistan. Central Karakoram National Park spread over 7000 meters of area and one of the world's biggest national parks that occupy the largest glaciers and about 60 mountain peaks in it.

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As the Central Karakoram National Park is located within the territory of Gilgit Baltistan "Home of Peaks" and established in 1993 while having the great neighbours of World's highest peaks and the largest glaciers. Whereas the park has globally renowned and distinguished ice climbing and trekking opportunities. With the great Central Karakoram National Park has immense and enormous borders and precincts with the world's second highest mountain K-2 and sixty other mountains and peaks like Broad peak , Gasherbrum and Masherbrum. While the weather conditions within this area become too harsh in the winter season mostly the mountains and he glaciers become covered with snow while within the summer season when the snow melts from the glaciers and the mountains and from the vertical river.

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Central Karakoram National Park is the largest natural source of the fresh water in Pakistan has the four major types of the forests Northern Dry Scrub, Dry Temperate Broad leaved Montane Dry Temperate and Sub Alpine Forest. While the park is the major biological reserve that is the natural dwelling of the major mammal species like Markhor, Blue sheep, Marco Polo Sheep, Snow Leopard , Brown and Black Bear. Central Karakoram National Park is the major biological diversity area inhabited of the bird species like Jungle crow, Brown dipper Alpine swift, Booted Eagle and Rock pigeon. Central Karakoram National Park is the dwelling of the twenty three species of reptiles, six major species of amphibians and seventeen native species of fish.

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