Dudipatsar Lake with Natural Art of God

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During the summer vacations , my cousin came from Dubai to Quetta for spending her vacations in his uncle's house. We all were happy that first time she came in our house so we initially planned that where should we go on these summer vacations. Then at last after hard thinking process, it decided that we should go towards the Khyber Pakhtunkhaw Province of Pakistan for visiting the jewels among the gems of Pakistan. So my father booked our seats and we happily started our preparation.

Dudipatsar Lake Lake Picture 1
Dudipatsar Lake Lake Picture 2

So at last our time for waiting ended and we all reached to the airport and in miles a minute, we reached towards the Peshawar from London through the Cheap Flights to Pakistan. We all went towards the hotel with our travel guide passing through the glimmers of the nature. Then my youngest made a noise that he will visit first to the Kaghan Valley. Then according to the travel guide is ready in the morning in the next day , we will move towards the Kaghan Valley. Then early in the morning, we started our journey and reached towards the Baau sar Pass. Through this pass and other short cuts, we reached towards the Kaghan Valley then after enjoying in the mid of the day, our travel guide told that near there is the Lulusar Park and the lake also.

However , we decided to stay in the Kaghan valley and in the next day, we went to the Lulusar National Park and there was a lake that was known as the Dudipaster Lake. So travel guide told that the name of the Dudipaster Lake is derived from the local word meaning with the "Dudi" means "white" and "sar"means "Lake" while the lake is bordered by the mounds. The blueish-green water of the lake provides the scenic view that is located on the 12500 feet of altitude however the mountain and the white clouds reflect in the water that looked like there is paradise on the earth.

The lake is linked with the Kunhar river while there are huge and steep plains with the alpine meadows that tells about the magnificence of the creator. However , in the winter season from the March to July , the ways towards the lake open while from October to Feburary , the routes become close. So we all enjoyed the visit to this lake.So fortunately, we came here in the season of summer and decide to come again……