Factors effecting tourism of Pakistan

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Proper Infrastructure

Infrastructure in Pakistan is a great cause of the profitable tourism industry. There are proper roads, railway tracks and other transportation services. So tourists find it easy to visit different places in Pakistan. Strong infrastructure is bone in the way of developed and flourished tourism industry.

Rapid Rebuilding to Cope with Natural Disasters

Pakistan's government has  ability to cope with the natural calamities. Northern areas of Pakistan have been the tourists' favorite place after earthquake of 2005, those areas rebuild so rapidly . A lot of NGos and other welfare firm help these people to re-construction and redevelopment. Efficient disaster management authority caused a boom to the tourism industry.

Efficiency of Airlines

Transportation sector is most important sector of any economy and aviation industry is major part of this sector. In Pakistan the transportation and communication sector holds more than 40% share in GDP (Gross Domestic Production). The aviation industry can affect the other sector of the economy, e.g. the International Trade, tourism and socio-economic condition of the country. But there are some revolutionary steps taken by Government which pull up the image of Pakistan in the eye of others and in result people found it safe to visit Pakistan, which is affecting the tourism of our country.  Terrorist attacks have been finished due to military operation in terrorist area and even against the all such associations . That is another major factor that is not only increase the good repute of Pakistan in the world but also causing its tourism industry to go Up ward. Tourism is one of major revenue earners for Pakistan in the country have long lasting good impact on the tourism business.

Changing Weather

Pakistan Changing Weather

Four seasons has caused to change the climate and weather conditions of Pakistan. The northern areas and snowy mountains have greenery with their beauty. So tourists are now attracted towards places having good weather and proper tourism facilities.

Increase government concern towards tourism

It is important to address the issue of how the Government of Pakistan can promote tourism in our country. At present, the government has made corporation of tourism and also able to figure out how to capitalize on the tourism potential and turn our tourism assets in to a sustainable employment generating and foreign exchange earning venture

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