Merewether Tower Regal emblem of Majesty

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This tower was construed on the supervision of Governor of Bombay Sir James Fergusson in 1884 and the architect of the building was made by Engineer James Strcahan while the tower was completed in the years. Whereas the design of the building provoke the memories of the building of the 15th century while he also said that the design of the tower is just like the Elanor Cross Tower , it was the tower that made by the King for the memory of the death of his wife, Princess Elanor. The tower is built from the buff coloured Gizri stones that represents the royal elegance of decoration and carving.

Merewether tower Picture 1
Merewether tower Picture 1
Merewether tower Picture 2

Merewether tower has the base of about 44 feet and has the height of about 102 feet and most interestingly, the tower has the clocks fitted on the four sides of the tower as the three clocks are on the small size and having the weight about hundred kg each but on the front side of the tower, there is fitted a big clock having the weight of about three hundred kg. Most interstingly, on the face of the tower there is the sign of the David craved on it while that attracts mostly non –Jewish people while the tower is surrounded by the gardens. We all enjoyed a lot this visit towards the Merrywether Tower.