Specialties of Quetta

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The land of Baloch is renowned as "the Fruit Garden of Baluchistan" while the capital of the biggest province of Pakistan named as Baluchistan. The main peculiarity of Quetta is that the city is surrounded by the series of hard mountains named as the Murdaar, Chiltan, Zarghoon and Takatu from all the sides and makes the natural barricade wall around it. The sixth biggest city of Pakistan whose name is derived from the regional Pashto language "Kuwatah" means "Fortress". Quetta is also famous due to having world's second largest juniper forest in the heart of this city.

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Specialties of Quetta Picture 1
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Quetta, the tribal land of Pakistan where there many of the tribes have their ancient roots like the Dasti, Bugti, Buzdar, Mengal, Lund, Jiskani, and Marri while among these tribes the Buzdar tribe is strongest of all. Being of one of the ancient cultural history of Baluchistan that has the powerful traditional foundations like the cultural dress "Phaskin" while the traditional emblem of the Balochi dress is the "Pahg" (turban). Balochi female's dresses have also distinct feathers like it embroided by the different colors of threads that made in the many of the months.

While the Balochi people love of music so traditional folk songs like very much while The people of the cold city of Quetta love to eat some of the spicy food, as "Sajji" is the salty roasted leg of lamb while another favourite food of the tribal areas of Quetta and the Baluchistan is the "Landhi". Landhi is the fried recipe of the full lamb and has the sour and strong flavour while prohibited by the people with higher blood pressure. "Pirki" is another traditional food loved by the Balochi people while it is the famous evening tea item made up of the meat, vegetables and flour. While instead of it, Balochi people like to eat the barbeque and other continental foods also. Embroidery.

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