Minister Tourism sought Travel Agents Association of Pakistan’s proposals on Sindh Tourism Policy

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Karachi, March 24, 2014 (PPI-OT): “Formation of Sindh Travel Agencies Regulatory Committee, in the light of Sindh Travel Agencies Act, is indispensable to address the grievances/ problems confronting to the Travel Agencies in Karachi and across Sindh. The Directorate of Tourist Services (DTS), Regulator of Travel Industry/Trade is at present devolved to the provinces as a result of the passage of 18th Constitutional Amendment, resulting into great difficulty for Travel Trading/Licensing for Travel Agencies required separately for every provinces in Pakistan no matter if the Head Office is established and registered in one province. The matter needs immediate attention and intervention of Minister Tourism Sindh.”, this was stated by Anwar Rasheed, Vice Chairman, Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) delivering keynotes to Sharmila Faruqui, Provincial Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Government of Sindh.

Anwar Rasheed conveyed TAAP’s felicitation and compliments to Sharmila Faruqui on assuming the responsibilities as the Minister for Culture and Tourism and anticipated that the young and energetic Minister will act vibrantly to promote tourism in the province and address all the issues/problems confronted to the Travel Agencies in Sindh. He on behalf of TAAP also congratulated the Government of Sindh for organizing recently the Sindh Festival to project the true culture and strengths of Sindh province.

He articulated that devolution act has created complications and difficulties for the smooth travel business activity as a Travel Organization for its branch offices at various places in Pakistan and has to furnish/fulfil separate conditions/requirements, bank guarantees/fees etc. to each Provincial Government acquiring different registrations thus landing in confusion and increasing the capital investment manifold to carry out the same trading activity within Pakistan, therefore, he urged Minister to establish the Sindh Travel Agencies Regulatory Committee with representation of TAAP and all other relevant stakeholders.

Earlier, Sharmila Faruqui, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Government of Sindh welcomed the delegation of TAAP for desired meeting she called to discuss promotion of Tourism in Sindh in particular and Karachi in general.

She welcomed the proposals of TAAP for the Travel Agencies Act and Rules and assured affirmative considerations to facilitate Travel Agencies in Sindh, Moreover, she also invited TAAP’s proposals for drafting the Sindh Tourism Policy.

She voiced that the Sindh Province was the home of World’s ancient Indus Valley Civilization – an attraction for local and foreign Tourism around the globe. As Minister she endeavoured to promote Tourism in Sindh sought cooperation Public-Private Partnership basis.

Moen-jo-Daro near the city of Larkana was one of the largest city-settlements in South Asia and is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Chaukhandi Tombs, Buddhist archaeological site near Mirpurkhas, Makli Hills one of the largest necropolises in the world, Tombs of Talpur Mirs, Faiz Mahal in Khairpur, Qasim Fort, Pacco Qillo, and the Kot Diji Fort in Kot Diji was famous heritage landmarks assets of Sindh, she highlighted.

She directed the Additional Secretary Tourism Sindh to hold immediate meeting on Sindh Tourism Act and Rules and submit for considerations accordingly. Muhammad Yahya Polani, Chairman, FPCCI’s Standing Committee on Aviation, Chairman, Agency Programme Joint Council Pakistan and Ex-Chairman TAAP emphasized that TAAP was maintaining continuous liaison with the Sindh Tourism Department and had various meetings with concerned Ministers and Secretaries during last decade.

However, the Government of Sindh promulgated the Sindh Travel Agencies Act 2011 which was passed in haste without consultation of TAAP on 13th May, 2011 and enforced on 9th June, 2011. The relevant rules are yet to be framed for which TAAP has prepared proposals for consideration. He urged the Minister to convene exclusive meeting with TAAP enabling Association to provide its proposals on Sindh Travel Agencies Act and Rules and meaningful suggestions for promotion of Tourism in Sindh.

M. Khalil Raja, Senior Vice Chairman TAAP, Members of TAAP, Furqan A. Kader, Akbar A. Shareef, Khawaja Jehanzeb and Khadim-e-Rasool, Secretary General TAAP also participated in the meeting. Officials of Tourism Department Sindh, Directorate of Tourist Services (DTS), Tourism Development Corporation Sindh and Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management were also present in the meeting.

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