Visit Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum from Karachi

The mazar (tomb) is built on a very high platform with the grave being downstairs. The tomb has a tall and square chamber and a green-and-white striped dome, decorated with Sindhi tilework flags and bunting/ Abdullah Shah Ghazi's tomb attracts a steady stream of devotees who shuffle forward to caress the silver railing around the burial place and drape it with garlands of flowers.Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi was a ninth-century Sufi who claimed direct descent from the Prophet and is thought of by his followers as something like the patron saint of Karachi. People, most of them Muslims, come here to pay homage to him from across the country.

He was buried atop a hill in Karachi, where his remains remain. Up to the early 1950s the shrine was a small hut on top of a sandy hill in Clifton. The shrine was built, expanded and beautified in the mid-1960s as it had begun to attract the devotional attention. The shrine expansion and pilgrims attracted the festivities and music Qawwali. In 2005, Karachi municipal government started an extensive repair, cleaning up and renovation job on the shrine which was completed in 2007. On 7 October 2010, dual suicide bomb blasts at the shrine killed 10 and injured 50. Salafi/Wahabi extremist sympathizers were suspected, given their opposition to Sufiism and opposition to the veneration of mausoleums.

Located at: Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum, Karachi, Pakistan
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