Visit Askari Park from Quetta

Askari Park from Quetta Picture 1

The biggest Park of Quetta is point of attraction for all citizens of Quetta. Children and families and the bachelors come to Askari Park and spend their day for having quality time enjoyments and laughter. The days are specified for Askari Park Visitors like Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be the family days and no person without family is allowed. The objective behind this rule is to entertain the family in the safest environment they want. Moreover there is different variety of foods and shops present in the park.

Askari Park from Quetta Picture 2

The food corners facilitate the Askari park visitors with desi food like Sikh Kababs, bar b que treats and quality fast food and soft drinks etc. The Askari Park is also equipped with the variety of modern rides including dragon and train. The small water places where the boats are provided are all very attractive for the children. The modern rides and other equipments are point of amusement and recreation facility for the visitor in the Park. The Park has big garden and jogging place too for the elders, so it is made keeping in view the interests of children, younger and adults.