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Ausia is a village in the Union council of Dewal, Murree Tehsil Rawalpindi District, Pakistan. It borders Union Councils of Rawat and Phagwari. It is located on Upper Kohala Road at 33°59'0N .73°28'0E with an altitude of 1712 meters (5620). It is from here that the road starts its descent and goes down to Kohala, a crossing point into Kashmir. Another road links Ausia with Malkot (Hazara/KP). Ausia is considered to be the most educated village in Pakistan,[citation needed] with a literacy rate close to 98%. There are numerous graduates from Pakistani, British and American institutions. Beyond Murree, it is the only place to have had a Government Higher Secondary School since 1885, which later became a College.

The School remained the only educational institution catering to the people of lower union councils of Murree for a long time. At present there are other primary and secondary government and private schools for both genders. The spacious Jamia Masjid of Ausia is being rebuilt with generous contributions from people. Ausia has a branch of MCB since long which caters to the banking needs of the people. The village has a network of roads and various places are accessible easily.

A link road, Ausia-Dehla Road, which connects the Upper Kohala Road with the Lower Kohala Road, starts from the main bazaar of Ausia, called Parao. During the Raj, the Parao served as a resting place for the troops, including high command, en route to Kashmir. The bazar offers services as well as products for sale and is also a place of rendezvous for the people. Adjacent to the bazar is a playground which hosts sporting events. The scenery is magnificent and in some places, one can see snow clad peaks of Kashmir and Kaghan. The towering and majestic peak of Mukeshpuri is very noticeable. The summers are extremely pleasant as weather is quite moderate most of the time. The winters could be very cold with snowfall. Ausia is about 20–25 minutes drive from Murree under normal conditions. Ausia once had a lot of fruit orchards and fruit was sold for livelihood but since people have resorted to non agricultural occupations, this sector remains neglected. The same applies to catch crops and livestock rearing.

Located at: Ausia, Murree, Pakistan
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