Visit Bahrain Hill Station from Swat

It got its name (lit. "two rivers") because of its location at the confluence of the Daral and Swat rivers. The region is famous for its riverside tourist resorts and local handicrafts. Bahrain offers a superb view of gushing river Daral and natural waterfalls. The people of Bahrain are expert in the cottage industry of wood carving, that's why wood work can be seen everywhere in the region.

A charming trek can be enjoyed from here up to Daral & Saidgai lakes. It is the cultural centre of the Torwali-speaking community.Bahrain hosts large number of lodging hotels and restaurants, where one can stay for night and relish the cool breeze of Suvastu river. Similarly, different food huts are working up to late night and serving the people through delicious food dishes.

Located at: Bahrain, swat, Pakistan
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