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It still exists today and is used by the elite society of Faisalabad.During the first decade of the 20th century, Mr. Henry Cues (1904–1906), the first deputy commissioner (D.C.) of Faisalabad, established a social club where the British officers serving in "Sandal Bar" could gather at their leisure. In December 1909, Captain Dugglis was appointed as new D.C. of Faisalabad. The club was built for off-duty British officers and was construction was paid for by the officers themselves. In March 1910, the club was established in Qaisary Bagh (Now Company Bagh/Jinnah Gardens). The land for this purpose was acquired from Irrigation Department.The Chenab Club offers a variety of activities to all of its members. The sports facilities include tennis, swimming, basketball,squash court, badminton and table tennis. The modernly equipped male and female gyms, running and walking tracks are there for health conscious people. There are entertainment activities like indoor and outdoor cinema. Club hosts a moderate sized library with some rare books. There are certain restaurants providing Chinese, Pakistani/Indian, BBQ and Continental cuisine to food lovers. Tambula is being held regularly on each Friday and a grand tambula has also been arranged with attractive prizes. Apart from this Annual Family Dinner is also arranged in which only couples are allowed to attend. Every year the club holds a big festival on its anniversary. In the festival a lot of celebrities are invited to entertain people, most of the activities include concerts, stand up comedy, theater, Mushaira and dialogue sessions with some important people from different areas.

Located at: Chenab Club, Faisalabad, Pakistan
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