Visit Daral Lake from Swat

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The surrounding area of the lake is famous for wide alpine meadows. Near the lake an ancient mosque is to be seen, where shepherds and visitors say their prayers and use as a resting place for night.Daral Lake lies at the foothills of spinsar mountain at an elevation of (11,500 ft), surrounded by the lush green meadows and snow clad mountains. The banks of daral lake serve as the camping site during the summers season for trekkers. The lake is fed by by melting glaciers of the surrounding mountains and gives rise to daral khwar which is the main left tributary of swat river.Daral Lake is accessible only during the summer; during the winter, the trails which lead to the lake, are closed due to heavy snowfall. while in summer, it can be accessed from Bahrain via Saidgai lake after two or three hours of rigorous trekking. Alternatively, it can be visited from Gabina Jabba.

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