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Collections within the Museum have been passed through generations within the Fakir Family and number approx 30,000 items from British, Sikh and Mughaleras. The Museum has survived several wars and the independence of India and Pakistan. Held within the Fakir Family were several prominent mansions (Havelis) in and around Lahore e.g. Mubarak Haveli and others. The art from those mansions and personal pieces collected by several prominent members of the Fakir Family have also been incorporated into the Fakir Khana collection. Historically the Family was known to possess a large collection of jewels and jewelled artifacts-many of which were personal gifts to the Fakir brothers by Maharajah Ranjit Singh. These items of historic and material have been looted from the museum and are known to have disappeared sometime before the independence of India and Pakistan due to neglect, outright theft and lack of accountability in the past. While a wonderland for fans of the Sikh Raj and the Mughal Empire, the Museum continues to suffer from lack of proper equipment i.e. hermetically sealed containers to house items such as manuscripts and weaponry prone to rust. It is only recently that some members of the Fakir Family have taken a more active role in the management and restoration of art and artifacts.

General Overview

This collection has been passing to several generations and boasts around 30,000 antique piecesfrom British, Sikh & Mughal era, For the first time in Pakistan Fakir Sayyed Iftikhar uddin has taken up the challenge to bring it up as the first e-museum not only in Pakistan but also in the whole of South East Asia. The Museum site has 13 different categories of antiques which include: Chinese pottery, Chinese paintings, Ghandhara, coins, Miniatures/paintings, weapons etc. Above all the largest collection of relics of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Which are cherished more then our lives.


Fakir Khana owns one the largest private antiques collection in South East Asia. Fakir Khana was the first museum in Pakistan to launch an eMuseum; an online site to share the art collected by the Fakir Family. The effort was led by the Fakir Sayyed Iftikharuddin (Fakir Khana museum co-coordinator and Associate Member of the Fakir Khana Trust). Fakir Syed Saifuddin is currently the fifth generation custodian of the Fakir Khana. The Museum is currently managed by members of the Fakir Family. It is closed to the general public and visitations are by appointment only, on prior, formal application.

Located at: Hakiman Bazar, Lahore, Pakistan
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