Govt. Post Graduate College

The foundation stone of Mardan College was laid on 14 December 1952 by Khwaja Shahab ud Din, the Governor of North West Frontier Province. The province is now called "Khyber Pukhtunkhwa". In the beginning it was an Intermediate college and was named Akbar Memorial College. The name was after the wealthy family in Hoti who agreed to provide free land to the college. Later on it became a Degree college and was called Government College Mardan following payment to the family for the land. In those days there were not many colleges in the surrounding areas and the college attracted many students from the villages. The catchment's area included Swabi, Rustam, Buner, Loondkhwar, Shergarh, Toru, Katlung, Parts of  Charsadda, Rashkai and Risalpur. The traveling was not easy and students used to stay in hostels. At least there were 3 hostels for the students. Mardan has remained the centre of culture, literature and politics. The college provided the opportunity for the students to flourish in various fields of life. Besides curricular activities, there were Stage dramas,  Mushairas (poetry) and debates. Pushto Adabi Tolana, Progressive Literary Society and Students Unions played an important role. Sports activities were at the top.

Located at: Nowshera Mardan Rd, KPK, Pakistan, Pakistan
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