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Lahore Gymkhana club was formed on 1 May 1878 with the objective of providing social and intellectual recreation to the residents of Lahore and Lahore Cantonment. The Club is spread over an area of 117.03 acres (0.4736 km2) on the land leased from Punjab Government. It is the oldest club not just in Lahore but also in the whole of Pakistan. Mostly the bureaucrats and the civil society of Pakistan are members of it. It has become a status symbol in upper class. It is unaffordable for middle class.To be its member is a dream of people. The aristrocratic class gets its membership, their children use the opportunities of luxury here. There are multiple facilities which the members can avail. These can be categorized into sports, leisure, parties/events, etc. The club has an existing membership of above five thousand. Gymkhana Club was established before the independence of Pakistan in 1947. After independence its control came into the hands of local people, and the club now run by a committee of elected members. It was the first of its type in Pakistan, and later opened branches in Karachi and Gawader as well.

Located at: Gymkhana Club, lahore, Pakistan
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