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Building structure

The building is designed by Muslim architect Agha Ahmed Hussain. The plan and massing was based on the tomb of Itamad-ud-Daulah (1628) in Agra. The building is small in size and consists primarily of a hall and some smaller rooms used for administrative purposes. Stone for the 2-foot-thick (0.61 m) walls was acquired in Bijapur. The roof line is defined by delicate massing of cupolas and balustrades directly influenced by Akbar's Fatehpur Sikri. The octagonal corner towers framing the projecting central jharoka are capped with chattris. Smaller chattris highlight the corners of the projecting porch that carry the drooping bangladar roof used in Emperor Akbar's period. The projecting chajjas are supported by ornamental brackets. The cupolas of the chattris are reinforced concrete and the walls are dressed in Gizri stone. Some of the carved elements are of Jodhpur stone.

Sindh festival 2014

Sindh festival 2014 came along with many happiness and truly amazing moments with itself. From celebrities to models, politicians to singers, actors to anchors, fashion designers to artists, people from every single field attended Sindh festival 2014. Despite from all moments of singing and speeches, Sindh Festival arranged a memorable traditional fashion show to show the importance of our old heritage. It was quite a good step from all the people who attended Sindh Festival 2014. The fashion show held at Hindu Gymkhana.

Our talented designers showcased their collections at Sindh Festival 2014. The main purpose of this fashion show is to how important our heritage for us. Designers showcased their beautiful collections at the star studded event. Models were wearing beautiful traditional wedding outfits. On the other hand few fashion designers also showcased their collection with a touch of Sindh culture and heritage. Fashion show made the sindh culture more prominent in western style. Sindh Festival 2014 was a full celebrity event. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari also attended this prestigious event.


The National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.NAPA was established in 2005 as an institution to conserve and teach performing arts and music to students inPakistan. It is situated in the building of the Hindu Gymkhana


At NAPA, the students of music derive benefit from being taught by a faculty consisting of practicing musicians, musicologists and visiting maestros.

They will also have the opportunity to enrich their repertoire of compositions and styles by tutelage under many teachers.

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts department will offer students academic courses in all aspects of the theatre as well as practical exploration and the opportunity to present their work before an audience.


NAPA offers lessons in classical dancing . Make up NAPA has also introduced lessons in Make up.

Located at: Hindu Gymkhana, Karachi, Pakistan
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