Visit International Islamic University from Islamabad

It is regarded as one of the noted institution of Islam, theology, divinity, and the science. Founded and established in 1980, the university was restructured, reorganized, and reconstituted in its current and modern form in 1985. It is one of premium institute of higher learning, and regarded as one of the largest university in the country. With approximated 30,000 students currently enrolled in IIU, the university is ranked among the top public universities in "general category" by the HEC, as of 2012.

The university offers undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies programmes in science, engineering, humanities, arts, religious studies, social and natural sciences. In addition, the university has nine research faculties and six autonomous academies, institutes and centers. The university is also noted for its engaging efforts to produce educational quality assurance for the purpose of improving academic standards in the country. It is completely distinct from the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

Located at: H-10, Bihvonviai، Islamabad, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan
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