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Most of the families living in Kukmang belong to Sarrara clan (Abbsis and Qureshis). Their forefather, Sultan Sakhi Sarwar (Sarrara / Sarrara Khan) was one of the twelve sons of Gahi Khan son of General Zarab Khan. Historical sources attest that Sultan Sakhi Sarwar (Sarrara) was one of the twelve sons of Akber Gahi Khan whose father General Zarab Khan came to Kashmir as General of army on the commandment of Qutb Shah where he signed a treaty with the King of Kashmir and married her daughter.

Kukmang features different climates due to its high altitude at one end e.g. from Haryala to Kukmar and low altitude at other end e.g. from Devli / Bandi to Palhair. The villages which are on higher altitude have cold and snowy winters, relatively cool summer with drastically escalated rain, in relation with lower altitudes, and frequent fog. The temperature can rise as high as 35°C during the mid-summer in lower altitudes and drop below 0°C during the winter months.

Yasir Hameed from village Kukmar, Kukmang played for Pakistan Cricket Team at international level and scored century in each inning of his debut test match, becoming only the second player in the history of cricket. He holds record of having more runs than any other batsman in International Debut year.Kukmang has a cricket stadium in the name of Late Sardar Walayat Khan with 48 teams forming a nursery of young cricketers.

Located at: Kukmang, Abbottabad, Pakistan
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