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The Statin was Built during the British Raj between 1859-1860 at the cost of half a million Rupees . Located in the heart of the city, it is the busiest railway station in the country, as well as the location for the headquarters of Pakistan Railways. Constructed in the typical grand architectural style of the British Raj period, it is a lasting legacy of the extensive railway network established by the British and their contribution to the infrastructure of the region. The station has a total of eleven platforms.

Platform Number One is noteworthy as the destination of the Samjhauta Express train service between India and Pakistan.Lahore Junction railway station was commissioned by the British Government and construction was contracted to Mian Mohammad Sultan Chughtai, a formal prince of the Royal Mughal Empire. The front portion was disliked by the government and was subsequently rebuilt by Sultan Mohammad. It was the western terminus of the crucial Lahore. This allowed for the movement of people, goods, and revenue within, to and from the fertile and heavily-populated region.

The station was severely affected during the riots which followed the Partition of the British Indian Empire and the creation of Pakistan in 1947. Similar to the contemporaneous situation with migrating Muslims from Delhi; Lahore's Hindus and Sikhs migrating to India were frequently attacked and killed in large numbers. Many considered the station unsafe and opted to make the journey on foot.The Lahore Junction railway station has all the amenities of like-sized railway stations. Food and drink stalls and book shops are found on every platform. The franchises of American fast food chains McDonald's and Pizza Hut are located on platform number two.

Located at: Railway Station, lahore, Pakistan
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