Visit Madyan from Swat

It is the last open wide valley before Swat Kohistan region. There are a lot of souvenirs for tourists in the bazars of Madyan, especially, antique and modern shawls, traditional embroidery, local woven carpets, tribal jewellery, carved wood and antique or reproduced coins are sold along the main street. Suvastu river Madyan This is the last Swati village, offering interesting two-and three-day walks up to the mountain villages like Tirat. The central mosque at Madyan has carved wooden pillars with elegant scroll capitals, and its mud-plastered west wall is covered with relief designs in floral motifs.From the center of Madyan bazar, a small road braches off towards east to a cool sub valley chail, which is a calm & cool spot for tourists, where one can enjoy on the bank of bashigram khwar along with family, away from the hustle & bustle of people. Similarly, hikers can trek upto Bashigram lake and relish the charming sceneries of the nature. There have built hatcheries for fishes in chail, where diverse species of swati trout can seen and purchased at suitable price.

Located at: Madyan, Swat, Pakistan
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