Visit Mahodand Lake from Swat

It is accessible with a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is a good resort for fishing, boating and rafting.The Mahodand Lake lies at the foothills of Hindu kush mountains at an elevation of (9,400 ft), surrounded by the lush green meadows, snow clad mountains and lush green dense forests, the banks of the mahodand lake serve as the camping site during the summers season for the visitors & trekkers. Boating in Mahodand lake The Mahodand Lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Mount Hindu kush.

It gives rise to Ushu Khwar, the major left tributary of the Swat River.During the winter, the Mahodand Lake freezes and is covered by heavy snow. In the summers, the basin of the lake is surrounded by a sheet of alpine flowers. Especially geum, blue poppy, potentilla and gentian are relatively common. The Mahodand Lake is stocked with swati brown trout fishes and catching is allowed only to the licensed anglers.Huge number of visitors come to the lake side for camping, gala celebration, enjoy fishing, walking around and trekking to the nearby mountians.

Located at: Mahodand Lake, swat, Pakistan
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