Visit Miandam Hill Station from Swat

The main road continues north up the swat valley and reaches the village of Fatehpur, where the road branches off towards east and runs through gorgeous hillside villages and reaches the popular hill resort of Miandam. Miandam is a very picturesque tourist spot at an elevation of 1,800 meters (5,900 feet) above sea level. Miandam is enriched in medicinal plants, owing to which the town is the site of a World Wide Fund for Nature project promoting sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants, and now about 1,000 people are dependent on the medicinal plant trade for their entire income.

The primary economy of the region is based on tourism and agriculture. While agriculture is mostly centered on corn and potatoes, As of 1988, its population was 3,000 but it is now estimated to be 20,000, including neighboring hamlets.On entering to Miandam valley, the metalled road passes through small hillside villages in a spiral manner and leads to a castle like region, surrounded by terraced fields, fruit orchards and lush green mountain slopes. Paths follow the waterfalls, past houses with behives set into the walls. The region serve as a base camp for a trek that lead to Dadsar baba top, which is a hidden paradise for adventurous hikers.

Similarly, in the ancient past, the region had been inhabited by the Buddhist people, which is proved by various grave posts excavated in the region, which are carved wooden grave posts with floral designs, like those used by Buddhists 1,000 years ago.There are large number of comfortable hotels and guest houses which provide accommodation facility to the tourists. Among them PTDC motel is located on a beautiful mound which gives the perfect panorama of the entire valley.

Located at: Miandam Hill Station, swat, Pakistan
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