Visit Monument to Christ the King from Karachi

This monument stands overlooking one of the busiest streets of Karachi – Shahrah-e-Iraq. The idea for this 54 feet high architectural beauty emerged in 1926. It is the only structure of its kind in the city of Karachi and is popular with tourists.

Vincent Gimenez S.J. was the Parish Priest of St. Patrick's Parish when Pope Pius IX initiated the Feast of Christ the King (celebrated on the last Sunday in October). Fr. Gimenez was the first to introduce the procession of Christ the King through the streets of Saddar Town in October 1926.

In 1927 the local branch of the Apostleship of Prayer conceived the idea of erecting a monument that would be a symbol of devotion to the Scared Heart of Jesus. The Catholics of Karachi and surrounding areas got together and formed a Board consisting of 26 members. Fr. Gimenez was the President, R.A.M D'Silva was General Secretary and C. S. Lobo was Treasurer.

In addition, 14 Catholic Associations connected with the parish and representative of the community around 80 persons also went about collecting donations, expediting the work of planning and overseeing construction.

The Monument was designed by M. X Andrade and the construction was supervised by August Rodrigues, retired Superintendent Engineer Public Works Department, Bombay. The marble for this monument was imported from Carara, Italy through Anthony Coutinho and Company. The statue of Christ the King installed high above the ground was a gift from Major Quadros of Cincinnatus Town, Karachi. The crypt has a seating capacity for 150 people and is adorned with two murals - one of heaven and the other of hell, the work of a Mr. Vaz, a Goan artist. The crypt also houses a replica of St. Francis Xavier. The total cost of the monument was Rs.81,500.

Located at: Monument to Christ the King, Karachi, Pakistan
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