Visit Namal Lake from Musakhel

The lake has a surface area of 5.5 km².There are mountains on its western and southern sides. On the other two sides are agricultural areas.In 1913, British engineers, to meet the scarcity of irrigation and drinking water, built a dam on this namallake and irrigated lands up to Mianwali city. But with the passage of time and construction of Thal Canal and installation of tube wells, its utility of water squeezed up to some limit.

The gates of the dam are repaired by the irrigation department regularly but without enthusiasm. The hill torrents and rains fill the Namal Lake round the year. Due to a drought-like situation in the country, this lake dried up last year, which is the first incident of its kind during the last 100 years. Presently, its condition is very bad.

Located at: Namal Lake, Musakhel, Pakistan
Namal Lake Detail Picture 1
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