Visit Pari (Khapiro) Lake from Swat

The western face of the lake is open and its water flows down to the gigantic Kundal Lake which is situated in the foothills down. The towering mountains surrounding the lake are a safe haven for the bulky Snow-cock and brightly coloured Monal pheasants. These birds can be heard and seen during the early hours of dawn here. Due to the limited space around the lake and freezing weather, the Grazers have not erected any construction around the lake and rely on the surrounding natural caves for staying.

Therefore a tent must be taken if someone wants to stay for a night there. Due to the awesome height of the lake, no fire-wood can be found nearby therefore, gas cylinder must be on the top of priority list.The lake is almost quarter a kilometer in length and is surrounded by steep pastures where the grazers take their livestock in the hot months of summer when fodder is scarce in the plains. Due to its alarming height and uncertain weather, the lake remains undisturbed in comparison to Kundal Lake which is easily accessible and is visited by several tourists in summer.

Pari Lake II has a twofold importance; it provides a huge share of water to Kundal Lake and is a safe feeding ground for the indigenous as well as migratory birds. The lake has a strong potential for eco-tourism which will not only help conserve the lake but also create a new source of income for the local community. Construction of proper trekking trail, provision of essential trekking equipments and camping sites can boost eco-tourism here which will certainly increase the sustainability prospects of the lake.

Located at: Pari (Khapiro) Lake, swat, Pakistan
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