Visit Pindi Point Chair Lift from Murree

Pindi Point is one of the first spots to visit in Murree. Pindi Point has a beautiful view mountains and lush green trees. You can see the whole view of Pindi city from there, Chairlift ride down to 1.5 km from point to Pindi Gali Bansara are really nice and scenery from the chairlift is beautiful. The road zigzagged password below. Tall pine trees standing throughout the journey. When down the valley there is a breakpoint, you can enjoy there a lot. Pindi Point is having a cafe and playgrounds for children. Patriat hills can be seen there and a large jungle begins here. You can enjoy monitored and Chairlift is open from 9am to 8pm.

Located at: Pindi Point Chair Lift, Murree, Pakistan
Pindi Point Chair Lift Detail Picture 1
Pindi Point Chair Lift Detail Picture 2
Pindi Point Chair Lift Detail Picture 3