Visit Punjab University (Old Campus) from Lahore

Allama Iqbal campus, more commonly known as the old campus is situated opposite the Lahore Museum and the NCA. The Campus is surrounded by all the historical parts of Lahore, with City Hall just a 2 minutes' walk away while Anarkali Market being right behind the college. Ever since I was child, I had been an explorer, always wanting to see new things and exploring what treasures lay around me. So when the time came to make the choice, I chose this University partly because of this magnificent campus that put me right in the middle of Lahore where I could explore my surroundings and see a different side of Lahore from what most people see. While people were going to the edges of the city to study at Universities, I was driving to the heart of it to study surrounded by centuries of history.There are three major departments on campus which are independent working bodies so they are regarded as colleges. 1. University College of Pharmacy (UCP) 2. University College of Art and Design (PUCAD) 3. University College of Information and Technology (PUCIT).

All these 3 major departments are offering professional degrees in IT, architecture, designing and pharmacy so only a limited number of students get a chance to experience this place because rest of the departments of Punjab University are all located in the New Campus (Quaid e Azam Campus) which on the Canal Road.The environment at the campus is where homely. The surroundings ensure that you never forget that you are in the heart of Lahore. The culture here is more inspired from NCA culture because of "College of Art and Design" which tends to take the cue from NCA which is across the road. Now you may be asking how that is possible because you keep hearing about Jamiat and Punjab University, well there is none of that at the old campus. If you are liberal you will find a liberal environment and if you are conservative you will also feel comfortable there because there are no restrictions by any one. You will find girls and boys with every type of dresses there, you can wear any decent and graceful dress you want, and you will find girls in jeans, in skirts, in burqaas and in niqaab. Everyone is free to follow whatever they wish to do so. This is something most people do not associate with Punjab University but this is the case at least at the old campus.

There are no sports facilities at the old campus as it is located in one of the most congested areas in the city. All the sports facilities are located at the New Campus which has ample grounds and space to allow the students to enjoy all sorts of sports activities.Transport facility is good as compared to other Universities as there are so many buses available each day. Punjab University runs one of the largest transportation operations run by any university in the country, so it is safe to say that wherever you live in Lahore, the transport service would be covering those areas. There is a shuttle bus service from old campus to new campus. Plus being on the Mall gives you the advantage to utilize the many public transportation facilities available to you.The academics are very competitive. The Examination system is pretty hard to get through and requires a lot of studying and hard work. There is a semester system in PUCAD and PUCIT but the Pharmacy School runs on an annual system. The quality of teaching is comparable to any good institution in Pakistan. Most people perceive PU to be an easy place to pass out from but that is not the reality. The sort of grinding students are put through requires people to put in a lot of extra effort in order to simply pass an exam, for higher grades a person has to put in a serious amount of time studying and working on campus.

As it is a government run university, it operates on open merit. The Government foots most of the bill for students from tough financial backgrounds who can make the merit the list. All they have to do is pay the nominal submission fee which is a few thousand rupees only. Compared to private universities, attending Punjab University is essentially going to college for free. After admissions, the amount of scholarships on offer is way more than anywhere else. Needy students are provided support through multiple avenues. Punjab Government also supports students attending the university through the Punjab Education Endowment Fund.One of the biggest advantages of Punjab University is that most of the teaching staff has PhDs. What most people do not realize is the fact that Punjab University has more PhD students studying here than anywhere else in Punjab. So, as a direct result of that, the faculties have the option to hire PhDs who are highly qualified in their subject areas.The Admin staff is decent and they hear out the issues at hand. Given this is a Government University; there is an obvious amount of bureaucracy and red tape that exists. But for the Old Campus it is much better than other government or even private universities.

Located at: Punjab University (Old Campus), lahore, Pakistan
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