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Rawalpindi, commonly known as Pindi is a city in the Punjab, Pakistan. It is the 4th most populous metropolitan area of Pakistan.The center of the Rawalpindi is only 14 kilometres (9 mi) from the center of Islamabad. Due to the high interdependence and intertwined areas of the two cities, they are known as the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. In the 1950s, Rawalpindi's population was smaller than Hyderabad and Multan, but the city's economy received a boost during the building of Islamabad (1959–1969), during which Rawalpindi served as the national capital. Rawalpindi is in the northernmost part of the Punjab province, located 275 km (171 mi) to the north-west of Lahore. It is the administrative seat of the Rawalpindi District. Also, Rawalpindi is the military headquarters, also referred to as GHQ (General Headquarters) of the Pakistani Armed Forces.
Its location is very central as it has capital to its north, Punjab to its south, KPK Province to its west and Azad Kashmir to its east. For this reason the tourists use the city as a stop before traveling towards the northern areas. Rawalpindi is easy accessible as several highways come into the city including National Highway (G.T Road) and Motorway. Numerous shopping bazaars, parks and a cosmopolitan population attract shoppers from all over Pakistan and abroad. The city is home to several industries and factories. Islamabad International Airport is actually located in Rawalpindi city, and serves both cities and several neighboring districts for international flights. Moreover, part of the facility is also the famous Chaklala Airbase (PAF Base Nur Khan)

Raja Bazaar

The main bazaar areas are Raja Bazaar in the old city, Moti Bazaar, Lal Kurti (B1 British Infantry Bazaar), Said Pur Road, Banni Chowk market and adjacent areas which offers whole sale and retail shops for almost every thing, Purana Qilla Market famous for its beautiful bridal dresses. Moti Mahal, Bhabra Bazaar, China Market and Saddar Bazaar, which developed as the cantonment bazaar between the old city and The Mal

Located at: Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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