Visit Sunway Lagoon Water Park from Karachi

Sunway lagoon and the Environment:

Sunway Lagoon is committed to being environmentally conscious and recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for which the very nature of our business relies on. As a leisure facility focusing on fun, safety and cleanliness, we have an inherent responsibility to the community to reflect the values we live by. We conduct business in a responsible and transparent manner that is balanced economically, socially and environmentally.totally segregated Ladies Pool, Body Slides, Spiral Slide, Raft Slide and amazing Raft Bugi Bugi and Hill Slide.The Quality of water in our Park is the best, continuously treated and filtered through the most advance filtration System imported from Spain, keeping water sparkling blue, Sunway Lagoon can be compared with any of the international standard Park all over the world.

Sunway Lagoon is one of the famous water park in Karachi. Here you will find a covered food court with tables and chairs. They are having numbers of slides & pools including Raft & Body Spiral Slide, Mega Slide, Ladies Spiral Slide, Hill Slide, Free Fall and Bugi Slide, Children & Tunnel Slide, Lazy Pool Shower, Mega Pool, Rain Shower and a lot more for exciting fun.Sunway Lagoon water quality is great and clean, there filtration system is more advance and imported. There all parts are imported from Spain to keep the water always clean and sparkling blue.

Water Management

The following initiatives make Sunway Lagoon unique in Pakistan.

  • Using state of the art filtration systems that ensure maximized water conservation. 
  • All pool water resources in the water park are re-circulated, filtered, treated and re-used. 
  • Pool Water systems are separated to avoid cross contamination. 
  • Policies and procedures are in place to reduce the risk of contamination.


  1. Mega Pool with 4nos Slides
  2. Children Pool with 3nos Slides
  3. Water Channel
  4. Central Pool
  5. Ladies Pool with 2nos Spiral Slides and 1no Free Fall Slide
  6. Free Fall Pool with 2nos Free Fall Body slides and 1no Bugi Bugi Raft Slide
  7. Spiral Pool with 1no Spiral Body and 1 Raft slides
  8. Lazy Pool (Asia's Largest)
  9. Children Play Land.
  10. Tube Shop
  11. Lockers on Rent.

Located at: Sunway Lagoon Water Park, Karachi, Pakistan
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