Visit Wapda House from Lahore

The Wapda Building, located at Lahore's Charing Cross, shares views of the Summit Minar and Punjab Assembly Building along with the Masonic Lodge, Shah Din and Alfalah Buildings.  It is one of the icons of the city's architectural landscape.The WAPDA Building was designed by the American Architect Edward A. Stone and completed in 1960.  Until about a decade ago, the building also housed, below the ground floor, the Saloo's Restaurant.  With that closed, the public's entry into the building is restricted.  I've had the chance, once or twice, to visit the building and never fail to take pictures of it when I can (though Architect Rana Atif Rehman has done a good job documenting its exterior). I'm posting two for your distraction.

Located at: Wapda House, lahore, Pakistan
Wapda House Detail Picture 1
Wapda House Detail Picture 2
Wapda House Detail Picture 3